Why trusting Facebook and Google will turn you into Soylent Green

From “Census at Bethlehem,” Pieter Bruegel the Elder, 1566

This topic came up in response to [a fellow human’s] post on Facebook, about how Facebook’s “data collection/sharing” works and how/if/when it may be used against you [http://bit.ly/21jXsMF], and that prompted this response from me:

Check out this link –> We didn’t lose control – it was stolen. I agree 100% with Aral. I don’t want to get too “black helicopters” here, but these “free” services that reach/affect millions, even billions of people (e.g. Facebook, Google, etc) aren’t benign — it’s not even that they’re necessarily “evil,” — though they may be! — so much as they simply need to do certain things in order to survive — at whatever the cost to human life forms. It’s not at all personal. Which is the scary part.
For the record — and I’ll be curious if Facebook’s algorithms even bother to place my Facebook post in anybody’s feed where they might actually read it — I use Facebook for sharing vacation and cat photos, and the occasional comic strip — stuff that’s already open to the public and I’m cool with anybody/everybody doing whatever they want with it. I use gmail as a dump for email where I can drop them any time I feel like it. For stuff I care about having control over, I pay for web/net services where both they (the service) and I know exactly what we’re giving and getting from each other. 🙂
P.S. As for what I think of Mark Zuckerberg or Sundar Pichai, if I were to meet either of them, I’d only do so under the condition that I’d be able to put rats down their shirts before security got hold of me. 😉 [https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/270885-if-you-hear-a-prominent-economist-using-the-word-equilibrium]

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